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Social Media

Social Media is taking our lives by storm, thanks to its many advantages. Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, has more to it than just a Facebook Page or a Twitter account. It is all about having a Social Media Marketing plan.

Have a Social Media presence but no real time engagement from your customers/followers/fans? BoboLink is just what you need to obtain efficient social media results.

At BoboLink, we make sure to develop Social Media strategies to cater for our clients' Social Engagement needs. Whether it's building your brand or boosting your business, BoboLink delivers tangible results. By engaging with your fans, we turn them from ordinary users to your brand's advocates, and in turn they will spread word of mouth through the right social media channels, and by right we mean the ones that your business needs.

You ask, BoboLink delivers!
Online PR

If you’re looking to build your own image/brand, then the first thing that should come to your mind is an Online/Offline PR strategy.

Having strong public relations translates into a distinguished image, and a distinguished image leads to having a specific audience. At BoboLink, we target that exact same audience and we engage with it in order to boost your brand.

Part of our online PR strategies is writing press releases in Arabic, French and English and distributing them to the different online and offline media outlets to make sure we get the word out regarding your business!
Offline PR

Granted Online PR is very crucial nowadays (to embrace the social media vibe), but an Offline PR plan is still basic.

BoboLink crafts Offline PR plans to suit your business needs, through the use of PR-specific tactics such as our strong media relations, speaking at conferences, organizing contests and writing articles that help generate publicity with offline PR tools that include print ads, radio, TV and various activities, events and conferences.
Personal Branding

In a fast-paced world where a distinguished brand is a winner, standing out and building a reputation for a specific “feature” are key factors with regards to personal branding.

So you know what makes you special, but you don’t know how to get people to learn about it. Leave it to BoboLink’s personal branding experts to build and protect your brand!

Your personal brand is probably your most valuable asset, so it is only natural to want to protect it. After all, it is what matters most.

Your personality sells, as it attracts customers. Therefore, staying true to yourself and your beliefs will keep customers coming. In other words, keep believing in what you’re promoting and you sure won’t go wrong.

This is why we are here to make it easy for you. We keep your brand protected. How you ask? By protecting your information as well as what you represent.

Facebook Applications

A user’s experience wouldn’t be complete without Facebook applications. The latter make your website more “social”, given that they can be custom-made for your Facebook marketing page.

Facebook apps are one way to capitalize on your Social Media success and enhance your Facebook engagement and presence.

BoboLink’s team of highly creative Social Media specialists comes up with the most brilliant ideas to get your business going. Below are a few examples of what we can do:

  • Facebook apps in the form of a fun competition or a cool engagement tool
  • Integrating Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms with your current website.
  • Facebook Page tabs such as Sweepstakes, RSS Feeds and Reviews/Rating Apps

We don’t develop applications just to make your website look cool and more social. We actually develop apps that deliver solutions. With that comes an educated strategy that suits your unique brand and its unique fans.

Also, if you have an idea in mind and you wish to see it come to life, share it with us and we’ll gladly try to see if it’s possible!
Media Buying

If you think Online advertising is only about banners, think again.

Internet Advertising changes by the second. New interactive advertising ways are constantly on the rise, so a vaster knowledge is required to achieve online media buying, given the new online advertising vibe such as geographically and behaviorally-targeted ads. Online ad campaigns differ from traditional media, thus requiring the development of the media plan before the formalization of the creative ad.



Social Media Strategy

& Implementation




 “Working with Labib is very rewarding. In addition to being very professional, he is so devoted to what he does and to the people he deals with. Over the few months we've been co-operating together. I did not only get professional support, but also gained a friend”.


- Mona Abou Hamze


Concept Photoshoot & Art Direction

“Bobolink is the best “Advertisement’s Cutting Cost”. I just wonder if Magazines would still survive!”


- Bassam Fattouh




Social Media Strategy

& Implementation

"My dearest Labib and Bobolink team are professionals and its good to work with people who understand social media and its important role for celebrity business. Bobolink delivers and I thank him."


- Haifa Wehbe




Social Media Strategy

& Implementation


"Bobolink has mastered the AutoMall account by bringing new fans with creativity & pro-activeness. Social networking is

their business and they do it right! Keep on the good work"


- Maher Abi Lamaa


Social Media Strategy


For the first time in the history of the Middle East, a huge awakening campaign is being organized by the Middle East's top 3 celebrity Makeup artists Bassam Fattouh, Hala Ajam and Fady Kataya.

The 3 makeup artists have joined efforts to launch "Together For Natural Beauty", a social awareness campaign targeting Arab women.


“We always need people like Labib, young, ambitious  and creative. He came up with an amazing idea like “Together for Natural Beauty” . He brought us together to give back to society.”


- Hala Ajam


Social Media Strategy

& Implementation

For the first time in the Middle East, a new store concept will be launched, and it will be all about Abayas! It is no secret that Arab women, and more particularly women from the Gulf, wear Abayas to many occasions as they are part of their tradition and heritage.



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